Antipop Studio TeslaST

Certain events at the beginning of the pandemic (2020), including the server crash that hosted the original web (which was hacked), and the loss of most of the code, have made it impossible to continue with its development and to date we do not have a viable solution, so in the face of the impossibility of continuing to update it, we have decided that TeslaST will no longer be available for sale.


Where can I purchase a TeslaST license?

TeslaST is not available for sale.

I purchased a TeslaST license and would like to contact support.

TeslaST in its latest version has not generated any known problems in any of the supported OS. Even so, TeslaST support will remain active until January 1, 2023, using the email support [at]

Supported Systems

We can not guarantee compatibility with present or future systems, so we can not provide support in any OS other than the following described:

Mac: Big Sur and earlier already supported, but we know that it works in ARM processors using Rossetta 2, although it could work on later systems (not tested).

Windows: Windows 8 and earlier versions already supported, although it could work on later versions (not tested).

Will TeslaST continue to be functional?

If you do not change your machine substantially, TeslaST will be operational indefinitely.

What is the latest version?

You can download it at this link (Mac and Windows).