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TeslaST is the enhanced software version of a pretty unknown and very expensive stereo manipulator hardware from the beginning of the 90s. This technique is the trick behind several well know mix engineers and records of the last few years. Available as Plug-In (AU, VST, AAX32, AAX64, Mac/Windows).

Trial version: 60 days, no limitations.

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TeslaST: the best kept secret for larger than life mixes

The best for your music production

TeslaST is an enhanced software version of a fairly unknown and quite expensive hardware stereo manipulator from the beginning of the 90s, known to make mixes sound huge, providing vast stereo field content.

TeslaST can be used as a stereo enhancer to increase a track´s stereo field width to make it sound bigger and wider than the original, even placing the sound outside of the speaker´s location. Used as a stereo manipulator, you can adjust the distance of the center and the width of the sides. And, of course, it´s 100% mono compatible as well as works equally well in speakers or headphones. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Increase the track´s stereo field width to make it sound beyond the speaker´s placement, helping you to create a bigger impact in the mix and providing space in the center.
  •  The ability to hear effects returns coming from outside of your sound field.
  • Recover lost stereo content in a mastering session.
  • Control the stereo content in a full mix, using it in the master buss channel.
  • Use it as a “send effect2 to have control over the amount of widening, by sending more or less to the effect.

Stereo field

Free VST plugins STEREO enhancer

This stereo enhancement technique was first used music production ¨Baby¨ by the famous Swiss band Yello. By the mid 90s it was used on radio broadcast stations such as the UK´s Radio One and Radio Four, live by artists such as Orbital, Moby, Carl Cox, Frank Sinatra and the Mills Brothers as well as in films such as Back To The Future 2 and Disney´s Little Mermaid.

Nowadays, this technique has become part of the sound of great mixes by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Coldplay, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.

The original hardware is very hard to find, but there are some still in use in several important studios worldwide. The impressive stereo enhancement effect made this unit a very desirable piece of gear, but with a street price of close to US$6,000 in 1990, it was only accessible to big artists and studios. Several years later it was the inspiration for a variety of units from different manufacturers who took the concept in different directions.


TeslaST, our vision of the original unit, has been in development for almost two years, using three different reference units to achieve the best possible results. We have allowed for some improvements in order to better the stereo manipulation and provide mastering grade soundEvery meaningful stage has been modelled from the schematics, thoroughly matching by hand the behaviour of the TeslaST against the reference units, providing everything that makes the hardware unit so revered, while maintaining the clearest sound possible, therefore enabling it to be used as a mastering processor as well.

Features of our music production software

  • Larger than life stereo enhancement effect. The sound will be perceived coming from beyond your speaker’s placement.
  • Many options for stereo control and manipulation: Stereo Spread, Center Distance, Balance, and LMF Spread for extra stereo enhancement.
  • 100% mono compatible.
  • Parallel operation with a Mix/Dry control.
  • Zero latency.
  • Analog-style correlation meter.
  • Mastering grade processing.
  • Highly optimised DSP code for low CPU usage.
  • Component level circuit modelling.
  • AU, VST, AAX32, AXX64, Mac/Window
  • Available a free 60 days not limited trial version.

Important: Please contact the sales department using the ticket system with your system ID to get the permanent license.

To apply for an educational license you have to fulfill the basic criteria:

  • You attend or teach at a qualified educational institution.
    — or —
    You are licensing software on behalf of a qualified educational institution.
  • The products will be used for educational purposes only, not commercial purposes.

If you need further information, please contact us using the ticket system.

People who love TeslaST

Tchad Blake

Tchad Blake working

This is awesome. The width is great and I’m loving the the timbre it adds to whatever I put it on. Room and reverb spreads really jump out with this as well.
Love it!

U2, Arctic Monkeys, Tom Waits. Five Grammy Awards. More info.

Juan Hidalgo

Tesla is my go-to tool to correct and control the stereo content in every mastering work since the moment I tried it.

Mastering Engineer, 2 times Grammy Award Winner. More info.


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